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Package Manager for Windows

My co-worker introduced me to a package manager specifically designed for windows called “Chocolatey”, its very easy to install and use, there are many packages to choose from such as Git, Sublime Text 2, Notepad++, Skype and many more.  As of today there are 919 packages in the repository.

To learn more visit

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Need help understanding a regex expression?

I must admit one of my weaknesses has always been writing and understanding regex expressions. I recently found a tool called “RegExper” to assist with my regex expression quandaries. This tool provides you with a visual representation of what the expression does. Try it yourself…head over to

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Sublime Text 2

I recently switched from Notepad++ to Sublime Text 2. I have been a fan of Notepad++ for years but a friend of mine mentioned Sublime Text 2, from that point on I was hooked. Some of my reasons for making the switch:

  • Plugin Support: Sublime has a huge plugin library.
  • Themes: I love the themes and color schemes on Sublime. One of my favorite themes is called SODA:
  • Multiple Cursors and selections.
  • Works on Macs and Linux environments. I don’t really use either but its nice to know its supported if I were to use either.

If you are interested in a free tutorial (I highly recommend it) take a look at


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List of programming books

I stumbled upon this list of books on Stack Overflow, it might be useful:

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