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HTML template specifications

For the past couple days I have reading up on the new specifications for the <template> tag in HTML 5.1. This new tag allows you to specify a client side template. Although the concept of templates aren’t new its good to see the W3C community coming up with a standard.

In the past to create a “template” you would typically define a div tag with the elements, then you would hide this div by using CSS code display: none

To learn more check out W3C specifications for template.

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History of Programming Languages

The history of programming, brought to you by


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Command line utility to copy files to Azure’s blob storage

I am in the process of moving a client’s site from a traditional web hosting platform to azure’s cloud service. The web app uses a sql database that has a file name reference to images in a physical folder on the web server. I need to get these images into an Azure’s blob storage.

To get these images uploaded I decided to use a command line tool called “AzCopy”. You can learn more about the project at:

The link to download the utility is located on Github.

Here is a sample command:

AzCopy /destkey:[AZURE KEY]


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VBScript snippet to clean up old files

I wrote this basic VBScript sample to delete old .bak files from a particular folder if its older than X number of days.

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Simple c# example on how to use Koogra

This is a sample code for C# to read up an excel file and return the results in a CSV format using the Koogra library.


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