Are you using Juniper VPN Network Connect client but having issues staying connected? Maybe you are getting disconnected every 5-10 mins? I had this issue and it took me sometime to figure out this issue. I decided to write this blog post for anyone else experiencing this issue.

The error is: “The Network Connect session terminated. Do you want to re-connect?” “”

There is a common reason for this, when you’re on the VPN software running on your computer is trying to re-write the routing table. There are some known software packages that cause this, disable or remove the following to see if it fixes your problem:

Software Package Solution
Bonjour Service (it runs as MDNSResponder.exe), this is located in C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe. Remove it from Add/Remove Programs
HP Software  If you’re hooked up to an HP printer remotely. This software always attempts to re-write the routing table, remove anything related to HP networking, you can keep your HP drivers but the miscellaneous software should be removed.  The only software I have left is “HP Smart”


Hope this helps you out, if you’re still having issues, please reach out to me on twitter.