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VBScript snippet to clean up old files

I wrote this basic VBScript sample to delete old .bak files from a particular folder if its older than X number of days.

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Simple c# example on how to use Koogra

This is a sample code for C# to read up an excel file and return the results in a CSV format using the Koogra library.


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Package Manager for Windows

My co-worker introduced me to a package manager specifically designed for windows called “Chocolatey”, its very easy to install and use, there are many packages to choose from such as Git, Sublime Text 2, Notepad++, Skype and many more.  As of today there are 919 packages in the repository.

To learn more visit  chocolatey.org.

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Need help understanding a regex expression?

I must admit one of my weaknesses has always been writing and understanding regex expressions. I recently found a tool called “RegExper” to assist with my regex expression quandaries. This tool provides you with a visual representation of what the expression does. Try it yourself…head over to http://www.regexper.com

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Sublime Text 2

I recently switched from Notepad++ to Sublime Text 2. I have been a fan of Notepad++ for years but a friend of mine mentioned Sublime Text 2, from that point on I was hooked. Some of my reasons for making the switch:

  • Plugin Support: Sublime has a huge plugin library.
  • Themes: I love the themes and color schemes on Sublime. One of my favorite themes is called SODA: http://buymeasoda.github.io/soda-theme/
  • Multiple Cursors and selections.
  • Works on Macs and Linux environments. I don’t really use either but its nice to know its supported if I were to use either.

If you are interested in a free tutorial (I highly recommend it) take a look at https://tutsplus.com/course/improve-workflow-in-sublime-text-2/


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List of programming books

I stumbled upon this list of books on Stack Overflow, it might be useful:


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Password hashing and salting explained.

I recently found an article explaining various ways passwords are cracked and the best practices for encrypting and storing passwords.

This is a must read for anyone writing user account systems.

Head over to http://crackstation.net/hashing-security.htm to read the article.

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Looking for a starter .gitignore template file?

This is always a pain…you are starting up a new project, you initialized your repo. As you are about to run the command:

git add --all

you realized some of these files shouldn’t be tracked! What do you do? Head over to the “gitignore” repo on github. A repo for starter .gitignore files for various languages.


As a side note, git has a global configuration to apply the rules of one .gitignore file to all of your projects on the machine:

git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.global_ignore
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Opera is moving to WebKit!

Today Opera has decided to move away from the Presto rendering engine to WebKit, this is great news.

Read more about it on the Opera developer blog: Click here.

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Blizzard of 2013

Blizzard of 2013 from Long Beach, NY

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