Seven reasons clean code matter

Very good article explaining why you should always strive for clean code click here to read the article from Plural Sight.

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Good video that explains ASCII and UTF-8

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Looking for placeholder text

Are you tired of the typical lorem ipsum placeholder nonsense? The you should check out Picksum Ipsum. It allows you to generate paragraphs of text from some of Hollywood’s best actors such as Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood and Jim Carrey.


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Some of my favorite GitHub repos

I love Github and the concept of open source software. I find myself using these projects on a daily basis so I decided to compile a list and share them with you:

  • ServiceStack – Super fast .NET web services platform. 
  • RestSharp – One of the best .NET REST clients.
  • Ninject – .NET dependency injector.
  • GitIgnore – A compilation of default gitignore files based on frameworks, languages and IDEs
  • Twitter Bootstrap – In my opinion the best CSS framework.


Although these project aren’t located on GitHub, they should be mentioned:

  • ASP.NET Web Stack – Microsoft decided to open up the .NET framework to the open source community, although you might not contribute to this project, it does offer insight into whats coming in the next version of .NET.
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HTML template specifications

For the past couple days I have reading up on the new specifications for the <template> tag in HTML 5.1. This new tag allows you to specify a client side template. Although the concept of templates aren’t new its good to see the W3C community coming up with a standard.

In the past to create a “template” you would typically define a div tag with the elements, then you would hide this div by using CSS code display: none

To learn more check out W3C specifications for template.

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History of Programming Languages

The history of programming, brought to you by


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Command line utility to copy files to Azure’s blob storage

I am in the process of moving a client’s site from a traditional web hosting platform to azure’s cloud service. The web app uses a sql database that has a file name reference to images in a physical folder on the web server. I need to get these images into an Azure’s blob storage.

To get these images uploaded I decided to use a command line tool called “AzCopy”. You can learn more about the project at:

The link to download the utility is located on Github.

Here is a sample command:

AzCopy /destkey:[AZURE KEY]


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VBScript snippet to clean up old files

I wrote this basic VBScript sample to delete old .bak files from a particular folder if its older than X number of days.

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Simple c# example on how to use Koogra

This is a sample code for C# to read up an excel file and return the results in a CSV format using the Koogra library.


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Package Manager for Windows

My co-worker introduced me to a package manager specifically designed for windows called “Chocolatey”, its very easy to install and use, there are many packages to choose from such as Git, Sublime Text 2, Notepad++, Skype and many more.  As of today there are 919 packages in the repository.

To learn more visit

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