Recently I integrated my web app with Azure ACS but was having a difficult time signing out of ACS (deleting my cookie off the server). The following code will create a wsignout1.0 message. Essentially it will construct a url with the action parameter set to “wsignout1.0”. An additional parameter “wreply” allows you to specify a url to redirect to after you have been signed out:

public ActionResult LogOff()
    // Load Identity Configuration
    FederationConfiguration config = FederatedAuthentication.FederationConfiguration;
    // Get wtrealm from WsFederationConfiguation Section
    string wtrealm = config.WsFederationConfiguration.Realm;
    string wreply;
    // Construct wreply value from wtrealm (This will be the return URL to your app)
    wreply = wtrealm;
    // Read the ACS Ws-Federation endpoint from web.Config
    // something like "https://<your-namespace>"
    string wsFederationEndpoint = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ida:Issuer"];
    SignOutRequestMessage signoutRequestMessage = new SignOutRequestMessage(new Uri(wsFederationEndpoint));
    signoutRequestMessage.Parameters.Add("wreply", wreply);
    signoutRequestMessage.Parameters.Add("wtrealm", wtrealm);
    string signoutUrl = signoutRequestMessage.WriteQueryString();
    return this.Redirect(signoutUrl);

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