Thank you for stopping by my portfolio page, on this page you will find projects I am currently working on and completed projects. Some of these projects are intranet applications that's not accessible via the internet. Additionally some projects may require customer consent prior to a code review.

Sign an XML document with a personal information exchange file (PFX)

This example shows you how to do the following:

Generate a pfx file using OpenSSL.
Load an XML file.
Load the pfx file.
Sign the xml document.
Validate the signed xml document.

Ricoh Rebate Form

A simple .NET web form project to accept customer information and verify the submitted serial number against a serial number schema.

Credit Card Acceptance Form

A simple credit card acceptance form that uses the SkipJack API for processing orders. I converted the classic asp sample from the SkipJack samples to a .NET class library.

Wheel Fix It

Inventory, work order and customer management system.

This is a .NET 4.0 WebForms project that uses jQuery, KnockoutJs, Ajax. The backend is SQL server with custom stored procs and tables. The application also integrates with Quickbooks (via Quickbooks Web Connector). This application uses twitter bootstrap as the CSS framework.

Customer Service Interface

A custom tool to log customer notes.

Technology: ASP.NET 4.0 (MVC), jQuery, KnockoutJs

Penda Aiken

Penda Aiken is a staffing agency