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There are currently 4 cameras hooked up using coaxial cables (older Hikvision system).

I would like to do the following:

  • ReoLink 4 camera system
  • Replace the 4 existing cameras (see the photos below):
    • Two cameras are located on the soffits (second floor),
    • One located by the garage (first floor).
    • One located by the back entrance (first floor).
  • Run new cables to all 4 cameras (CAT 6) and NVR located in master bedroom closet
  • Run a new CAT 6 cable from the NVR to the internet router located in the loft area.
  • Setup and configure Reolink NVR and test to make sure everything works as expected.

This is the current setup located in the master bedroom closet, I would like to keep the NVR located here. I need to run a CAT 6 cable from the master bedroom to my router in the loft area.
This is the setup in the loft area, this is where the internet router is located.
There is a cable already existing here in the loft area but it’s been cut.

Existing cameras